Overall mined diamonds represent more than 7 times the level of impact as compared to Grown Diamonds.

- Frost & Sullivan, Environmental Impact Analysis




    2.63 tonnes of mineral waste is disposed when extracting a carat of diamond

    Nearly 480 litres of water is used to extract
    a carat of diamond from earth


      Just 70 litres of water is used to grow a carat of diamond above earth

      There is little to argue about the hits the eco system takes when deep mines are dug and
      natural resources are extracted continuously for years, using heavy hydraulic equipments. Diamond mining companies,thus have to work hard to mitigate the direct environmental effects of extracting diamonds which includes soil erosion, deforestation, and forced migration of animal species. 

      As mining companies expand operations, digging deeper and deeper to extract diamonds, carbon emissions continue to rise for most. Another by-product of mining is airborne dust pollution as a result of soil displacement. 

        AIR IMPACT
        AIR IMPACT

        Mining for a carat of diamond generates 57,000 grams of carbon emissions

        Diamond growth process involves little or no emissions of significance.

        On the other hand, when growing diamonds above earth, there's no need to dig deep holes in the ground to grow beautiful diamonds. Thus, growing diamonds has none of the irreversible environmental damages attached with mining.

        A Frost & Sullivan report estimated that digging for one carat of mined diamond causes 1.5 billion times air emissions than growing one carat diamond in lab.