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Diamonds v Trees: The Community Trying to Save its Forest

Developing nations often say they are unfairly targeted by wealthy countries to curb economic growth to protect the planet. This debate is playing out in India where a forest which is home to endangered species is under threat. Billions of dollars' worth of diamond reserves lie in the ground in Buxwaha forest in central India. The Madhya Pradesh state government says the mine will bring jobs but local people say their lives will be destroyed. Read More

Is the Tide Turning for Lab Grown Diamonds?

Diamond Foundry this week announced plans to ramp up its production of lab-growns to 5m carats a year. That's a huge number. Global production of lab growns last year totaled 7m carats. of which just 1m carats were US-grown (according to Statista). So when the Silicon Valley start-up says it's embarking on a fivefold increase, taking its output to 5m carats, it's a game changer. Read More

Beyond the Hype of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Billions of years ago when the world was still young, treasure began forming deep underground. As the edges of Earth’s tectonic plates plunged down into the upper mantle, bits of carbon, some likely hailing from long-dead life forms were melted and compressed into rigid lattices. Read More