"Anti-lab grown diamond agenda is very disappointing"

Richard Garard

If it wasn’t so sad, you would have to laugh when you see the latest Diamond Producers Association efforts to discredit the Laboratory Grown Diamond product. Especially in light of the Bloomberg article that was released in mid-November.

The DPA-sponsored video depicts man A (mined diamond) and another man B (lab grown diamond). So, man A basically belittles man B in the entire video which is ‘mined diamond man’ denigrating the ‘lab grown diamond man.’ The videos use all the terminology that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cautioned mined diamond promoters not to use when talking about laboratory grown diamonds -- such as implying that man B is ‘fake’ and ‘not a real diamond’ when both are not true.

To further exaggerate implication of untruths, man A says mined diamonds are formed over billions of years and man B (lab grown diamond) are formed in matter of weeks. While it is true that a rough lab grown diamond can grow in controlled laboratory, under natural growth conditions within 2-3 weeks, but it is also a very likely a fact that mined diamonds too take same time or maybe less, under the pressure and temperature conditions deep below the earth surface. Laws of physics and diamond growth, people! The single crystal diamond growth is a similar physical process for both products. What is different is that it takes many years to get the mined diamond into a position where mined diamond producers can extract them out.

The facts about lab grown diamonds are available to consumers (Thank God for researchers & scientists). And now DPA too has confirmed that man A and man B are indeed both the same product with all the same properties & same physical beauty. Whether made in lab or dug from ground – we are still talking about stones that are 100% diamond. No other stone can come close to the beauty and everlasting sparkle of a diamond.

The only difference – and one which has become vital, as it should, for customers today -- is that one diamond is grown using 21st century technology in a controlled laboratory environment, without displacing any natural resources or butchering any habitats while the other has to be unearthed out of ground & oceans.

We have to let consumer decide which diamond they want to buy that connects their happiness and love with it. So the bottom line is that this video only further highlights the desperate condition of the mined diamond industry, which is so well expressed by the Bloomberg authors.