MORRISVILLE, NC, 7 JUNE, 2016: The International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA) has accepted leading US jewellery manufacturer Stuller as its member. IGDA – an industry-wide association – was launched in February 2016and comprises of leading lab-grown diamond growers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and technical experts.

IGDA seeks to represent the lab-grown diamond industry, promote lab-grown diamonds as a new choice and educate about various unique qualities and applications of lab-grown diamonds.

Patron Member and secretary general, Richard Garard who is also the CEO of the Microwave En-terprises (US) said, “We are very plea Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. sed to welcome Stuller to our association. In the last 4 months since our launch, more than 20 lab-grown diamond companies & technical experts have signed up for membership. IGDA has truly emerged as a collective front for the lab-grown diamond industry, across geographies.” IGDA’s members now span across US, China, Singapore, India, Philippines, Russia, Canada and Hong Kong.

Existing IGDA members include, IIa Technologies, Microwave Enterprises, Washington Diamonds, New Diamond Technology, Scio Diamond,Golcondia, Pure Grown Diamonds, Polished Diamond Company, Diamond Foundry, MiaDonna & Company, Chatham Created Gems & Diamonds, Nu-mined Diamonds, Fair Trade Jewellery Co., The Gold Concept Jewelry

and Design, Caraxy, M. Gel-lar, Schubach Enterprises, D.NEA and DM Gems India.

About International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA) is a not-for-profit organization that Represents Lab-Grown Diamond industry, will Promote Lab-Grown Diamonds and Educate about various unique qualities of Lab-Grown Diamonds and their applications.Founded in the US, IGDA seeks to serve as the central point of communication, education, development and growth of the industry.The association will enable the Lab-Grown Diamond industry to present itself effectively to consumers who wish to have a genuine choice in diamonds, commercial sectors which require high quality and consistent supply of diamonds to develop diamond-based applications, and the larger diamond processing industry.IGDA strongly believes that Lab-Grown Diamonds have the potential to not only extend the applications of diamonds but also to increase the size, value and employment for the diamond industry.

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