The innovators creating a beauty future with sustainable, ethical diamonds

These lab-grown gems are physically and chemically the same as diamonds mined from the earth. A collaboration with Dover Street Market hopes to change the industry

What happens when you give six renowned contemporary jewellery designers and one artist an unlimited supply of lab-grown diamonds to play with? That’s what the Diamond Foundry x Dover Street Market Fine Jewellery project set out to find discover. The result: A year of conversation, the use of more than 100 diamonds, six mini capsule collections, 18 pieces of jewellery and an interactive installation created by artist, photographer and film-maker Katerina Jebb. The final project is now due to travel to five cities around the world with the aim to promote sustainable and ethical practices within the industry.

The collaboration is a first for Dover Street Market and Diamond Foundry – the US’s leading producer of lab-grown diamonds which are created in its San Francisco foundry using solar power. Lab-grown diamonds have grown dramatically in popularity over the past 10 years. Physically, chemically and aesthetically they are the same as diamonds mined from the earth. But whereas natural diamonds are produced over millennia, these are “grown” from diamond seeds in a lab which replicate the natural growing process.

The benefits are significant: The environmental impact of industrial mining is avoided, renewable energy can be used to grow the diamonds (Diamond Foundry is the world’s first diamond producer certified to be carbon neutral), and the process is transparent – you can track each diamond from origin to eventual sale point, a feat which is near impossible with diamonds mined from many of the major mining sites across the globe.

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