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About Us

Founded in 2016 as a US corporation, IGDA is a non-profit Association formed to serve as a central point for communication, education, and development of the laboratory-grown diamond industry. We represent industry leaders from every sector of the laboratory-grown diamond supply chain and from over a dozen countries worldwide.


IGDA will guide & lead members and the laboratory-grown diamond industry across government, trade & consumer forums.


IGDA will work to build awareness and share scientifically correct knowledge about laboratory-grown diamonds.


IGDA will align with members & industry stakeholders to support various laboratory-grown diamond marketing campaign.

IGDA’s mission is to:

  1. Ensure that laboratory-grown diamonds are interpreted fairly and factually.
  2. Serve as an authentic knowledge source for laboratory-grown diamonds for both consumers and trade.
  3. Lead the IGDA members across industrial, government and consumer forums and work collectively to resolve any issues that impact the laboratory-grown diamond industry.
  4. Encourage ethical industry practices and standards among IGDA members.
  5. Promote cooperation and encourage discussions between various sections of the laboratory-grown diamond industry.

IGDA's Structure

IGDA is governed by the Board of Directors of the Non Profit Corporation who comprise of the officers of the Association, including of President, Vice President, Secretary-General, and Treasurer. The Officers form the core of an Executive Committee (EC). The EC will regularly monitor and advise its members on challenges faced by the laboratory-grown diamond industry. To represent collective views of the IGDA and its members, the EC will appoint and govern an advisory board to provide counsel and lead key working committees within the association which will further IGDA’s mission.

Technical Committee (TC)

This committee will serve as the primary source of technical information for all other Working Committees of IGDA, providing them with latest scientific knowledge & research material on laboratory-grown diamonds. TC will seek to establish itself as an invaluable resource for all IGDA.

Marketing Committee (MC)

This committee will build & maintain a knowledge base on laboratory-grown diamonds that members can choose to use in their businesses. Members can reach out to MC to support and guide on various marketing activities. The MC would monitor & initiate actions to prevent unethical marketing practices that mislead or misrepresent facts about laboratory-grown diamonds. EC & MC will align with other trade bodies to address issues concerning the laboratory-grown diamonds.

Public Affairs Committee (PC)

This committee would work to standardize trade qualifiers & interpretations of lab grown diamonds which is essential to build a fair market for laboratory-grown diamond industry. The PC will initiate programs with various international trade or consumer bodies and build a flourishing network for laboratory-grown diamonds.