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Gemological Labs

  • IGDA members receive a 10% discount on all IGI services. IGI’s Lab Grown Diamond eLearning Course is included with IGDA membership, and members receive a $50 discount on IGI’s six course eLearning Diamond Program for retailers.
  • As the world leader in lab grown diamond and jewelry grading, IGI is the institute of choice for the most advanced producers and world record holders, bringing trust and confidence to professionals and consumers alike.
  • IGI was the first institute to grade lab grown diamonds in 2005, establishing critical industry benchmarks in disclosure, authenticity, and standardization, and is the first institute to hold ISO accreditation in both natural and lab grown diamond grading.
  • IGI is dedicated to uniting the diamond, gemstone, and jewelry industry through proactive environmental stewardship. IGI North America and Antwerp are certified carbon neutral through SCS Global Services(more locations to follow). We also work with SCS and growers on the Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond program. IGI is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and is ISO 9001:2015 & 17025 accredited.
  • man looking at gem through microscope
  • close up of gem inspection
  • team inspecting gems with loupes and microscopes