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IGDA Statement on Sustainability

As sustainability moves increasingly up the corporate agenda, we demonstrate our commitment to intellectual rigour and science-based substantiation with sustainability issues. We are compelled as an industry to serve the consumer with honest, accurate and transparent claims when purchasing a laboratory-grown diamond.

Much has been written in recent years about the so called eco positives and sustainability claims with regards to laboratory-grown diamond space and we celebrate the consumers right to choose a diamond in accordance with their own taste, budget and lifestyle preferences. Sustainability is a nuanced and complex subject which, in our understanding, is about being responsible stewards of both the natural environment and our supply chain that touches millions of lives. With this comes deep appreciation of the importance of inclusion, diversity, and the desire to leave a sustainable legacy for future generations.

We are in the business of love, romance and positive emotion and so we place a fundamental emphasis on human life, workers rights and protection of those most vulnerable to harm.

Conversely, we also admire the efforts and progress which has been made in recent years in the natural diamond industry to verify complex claims about environmental conservation.

The laboratory-grown diamond community has evolved dramatically in recent years. As an industry, we are proud that we are taking tangible steps to hold ourselves up to similar high standards, scrutiny and a development of best practices which will facilitate consumer decision making at point of sale. Consumers deserve to have accurate information available.

We note that for all sections of the industry, the ongoing debate about the alleged comparative environmental merits of each category is unhelpful from both a consumer and a wider industry perspective. Hence, we strive to offer a trusted and reliable source of information about sustainability claims in relation to laboratory-grown diamonds.

We welcome your feedback and questions on the topic of sustainability and hope that in time you will check back on our website to utilise our information as an information and education resource.

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