IGDA serves as the central point of communication, education, and development for the global lab-grown diamond industry.

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100% Diamond

Lab grown diamonds are 100% diamond! In fact, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has revised its definition of a 'diamond' to include both lab grown & mined diamonds.

A True Choice

Lab Grown Diamonds give the consumer a true choice in diamond quality, size and origin. We believe that lab-grown diamonds offer a significant value and legitimate choice for all consumers.


With any diamond, either mined or lab grown, consumers should know what they are buying. True lab grown diamonds come with a certificate from a reputable gem grading laboratory.

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  • Ensure that lab-grown diamonds are interpreted fairly and factually.
  • Serve as an authentic knowledge source of lab-grown diamonds for both consumers and trade.
  • Lead our members across industrial, governmental and consumer forums.
  • Work collectively to resolve any issues that impact the lab-grown diamond industry.
  • Encourage ethical industry practices and standards among members.
  • Promote cooperation and encourage communication between various sections of the lab-grown diamond industry.
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