New Economic Opportunities with Lab-Grown Diamonds

In the next few decades, lab-grown diamonds will become instrumental for many high technology applications even as they continue to become a significant diamond source for the luxury sector

Recent advancements in the microwave plasma technology and years of dedicated research on diamond growing techniques has enabled growing of high-quality diamonds. A significant achievement in lab-grown diamond technology is the ability to grow colorless Type IIa diamonds which are considered as the purest diamond type and constitute only 2% of the total diamond production.

By 2030, Frost & Sullivan estimates that about 34 million carat of high quality lab-grown diamonds will be consumed by the hi-technology verticals like semiconductor & electrical industry, sophisticated medical instrumentation etc.

Non-availability of mined diamonds in commercial sectors, other than luxury sector, has always been a major restriction in expanding scope of diamond applications. #Labgrowndiamonds are set to change this unbalanced supply of diamonds across industry verticals.

Extraordinary properties of diamond such as extreme hardness, chemical inertness, optical transparency, high thermal conductivity in combination with electrical insulation more and more fields of applications recognize the benefits provided by this material. Particularly in applications involving extremely high power densities, high mechanical loads or severe abrasive conditions, CVD diamond is often the only material meeting the demanding requirements.

It's no wonder why diamonds are identified as ‘supermaterial’ by scientists across globe.