World’s first wearable lab-grown ‘all diamond’ ring

Dutch Diamond Technologies, based in The Netherlands, has made the world’s first ring that entirely consists of lab-grown diamond. It took them a year to manufacture it. This ring is one of a kind and was created in honor of the 10th anniversary of the company. The unique piece of jewelery symbolizes the innovative and high-tech techniques of Dutch Diamond Technologies in the diamond field.

The ring is made from a large piece of rough lab-grown diamond, as much as 155 carats. It takes four to five weeks for a diamond plate of this exceptional size to be grown. This is done in a laboratory of the German company Audiatec, where carbon atoms are evaporated under controlled conditions at temperatures up to 1300 degrees Celsius. Thereafter the rough diamond is polished with different techniques into a fantasy cut which reflects the light internally as much as possible, also called the diamond fire.

The ring counts in total 133 facets and has a weight of 3,865 carats.

Dutch Diamond Technologies has been working with lab-grown diamonds for industrial high-tech applications for years. Recently, one of their products found its way to the jewelery market. For this occasion, the company worked together with the award-winning jewelery designer Marc Lange. (Source)